There is no doubt that employees are the heart and soul of any company. They are the ones who act as trustworthy brand ambassadors, and their behaviors speak to external audiences. Furthermore, they are the ones giving life to the strategies and projects designed to achieve the organization's goals.

This is why HR teams have articulated all-rounded wellbeing strategies across all levels in organizations. You might have heard about “Employee experience”, and its main goal is to guarantee coworkers’ wellbeing through the whole path they walk in the organization. From the first moment, when they feel welcomed to the team, get the organizational values, and internalize their role within the company. Until their last day as a collaborator and the upcoming relation as former employees. It has been evident the benefits of encouraging employees’ professional growth to deliver their best performance and, in turn, improve productivity.

But aiming for healthy coworkers in digital environments is creating challenges for managers and HR departments trying to cope with the disadvantages of remote teamwork.

But aiming for healthy coworkers in digital environments is creating challenges for managers and HR departments trying to cope with the disadvantages of remote teamwork. Here's a checklist of important issues to consider when developing plans to support employees during these times of change and instability. In other words, how to go from employee experience to digital employee experience.

How to build a positive digital employee experience: support, care and wellbeing.

1)  Turning the home into the workplace has brought advantages for time management. But it has also created work overload due to the difficulty of separating spaces and schedules. It is vital to identify early warnings to avoid burned-out teams. Encourage employees to respect work routines (their own and their colleagues).

2) Adjust the goals according to the new situation. If the company had to rearrange the overall goals due to the pandemic, make the employees adapt their professional purposes to that new objective. When coworkers understand their purpose in the company and can align it with their personal growth ambitions, they are more motivated to perform to the highest standards. If there is uncertainty, poor communication, and a lack of purpose, outcomes will be severely impacted.

3) Open communication is more important than ever. Employees need to be heard and feel they are an important part of the team. Their opinions for formal contributions and informal insights are crucial to creating a well-rounded employee experience. Keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable expressing themselves on video calls with a large team. It is helpful if you ask them individually about their ideas and perceptions.

4) Create activities to bond them as a team. If you are one of those who disregard the importance of informal communication, think twice. There is no more chatting in the kitchen or hallways, and this is disconnecting teams. It is important that they relate and share experiences beyond work. Remember that informal interactions create vital bonds to motivate teamwork and collaboration. And if they are combined with physical activity, even better!

5) Encourage continuous learning. You can motivate them to take a couple of hours per week to engage in a short course -which could also be online- that can explore their potential. When colleagues feel inspired to achieve higher challenges, they grow their self-confidence and prove that they are qualified to take them.

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