How are your

co-workers doing?

Wellbeing among co-workers creates sustainable organizations

Are you ready to create a more sustainable and healthy workplace where the wellbeing of the employees is the top priority? We have the tools you need!

Analysis and data that helps you to develop

It is not any news that the co-workers' wellbeing is a crucial part of the organization’s development, but did you know that the engagement among the co-workers can increase with 72% with health-promoting work? Organizational health and wellbeing may be experienced as complex, but we at Wellbefy make the complex clear and comprehensible. We have developed a smart analytical tool that gives unique numbers of your organizational development. Through weekly or monthly measurement it is possible for you to follow the different teams' wellbeing on a continual basis. We are helping you to take the right decisions at the right place which enables you to develop in the right direction and become a more sustainable and attractive organization.

Scientific measurements and tools

Our analytical tool Health Analytics is based on two well-established models developed within the field of psychosocial health. With the help of Karasek’s model of Job, Demand and Control and Antonovsky’s model Sense of Coherence (SOC) we can give organizations the insights recommended på many health experts. The tool is developed together with scientists within the field of behavioural science and psychology, but also our customers to ensure good user experience and at the same time deliver a service based on legitimate knowledge.