How engaged are your employees?

healthy individuals create healthy organizations

We work with the development of employee wellness awareness for the organization as a whole - from HR and management down to all the employees

How does it work?

Our app is used by employees, who on a weekly basis answer questions regarding their work-environment and wellbeing. This is done in an easy to use way and made extra fun with gamification.

As manager or HR you get access to accumulated data regarding how the different teams in the organization are feeling. A way to spot potential problems and to help your employees grow.

Health Analytics

Our application is based on the latest research within psychological and social wellbeing. At its core it a Demand-Control model for work stress. All development is in close collaboration with clients, to transfer the academic knowledge in practical and efficient ways. Our experience within organizational health and technology is the core to create an app that is easy and fun to use, and to make the results accessible in intuitive and smart ways.

"Creating awareness regarding how motivated the teams are has a real impact on the bottom line."