We challenge the concept of occupational health care


Wellbefy was started to improve and challenge the way organizations understand and work with employee health. The goal is to be a proactive occupational health service - that every organization can run and control themselves.

Our vision: to create the healthiest workplaces in the Nordics

"When I started my journey I imagined a society without sick leaves and ill health. I imagined workplaces with a 100% health presence. To make this possible workplaces have to start investing in the most important asset they have; co-workers.

Sandra Jönsson, Health Manager & co-founder

Team Wellbefy

Sandra Jönsson

Customer Success & co-founder

Rebecca Arfwedson

Communications & co-founder

Andre Lind

Full stack dev. & co-founder

Dennis Granheimer

Full stack developer

Ulrika Hagberg Jurdahl

Key Account Manager

Ann-sofi Aru

Chairman of the board and investor