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From a reactive to a proactive mindset!

Today, the sick leave rates are far too high. Only in Sweden 700,000 are on sick leave/year. Something that costs society, the individual, and the workplace an incredible amount. 

Too little is being done to counteract ill health. Instead, the focus is on rehabilitation and sick leave. We need to rethink how occupational health works - go from a reactive to a proactive focus. 

Stop working with health in silos, take a holistic approach

The reason behind sick leave is seldom one or universal. It is more complex. It can be related to the workplace and/or private reasons. It can be both physical and/or mental reasons.

Yet, this is not how most organizations are working with occupational health.
They instead work in silos, with several different systems and strategies. One for each employee health area. It becomes difficult to draw conclusions and be systematic and proactive.

With Wellbefy it is possible to work with all dimensions of health at the same time!

This is Wellbefy!

All work connected to employee health in one and the same platform. With Wellbefy, you as the person responsible for health and work environment, can become more strategic and smart by...
  • Follow up and give employees tools to develop their personal health
  • Follow up and give the entire organization tools to strengthen the work environment
  • Get help in rehab coordination and health-promoting development work

A tool for the whole organization

Wellbefy for HR

Can plan, set up, and evaluate the organization's work environment and occupational health work.
Gets real-time analysis on organization, leadership, personal development, and well-being.
Gets Insights into hidden sick numbers, and reasons for absence and sick leave.

Wellbefy for leaders

Solutions focused on providing tools for managers to work with mental health and well-being in the workplace.
Gets an overview of the team's strengths and challenges.
Gets coaching and tips from leading experts within rehab and prehab.
Gets the opportunity to engage the team in wellness and health activities.

Wellbefy for employees

A solution focused on supporting individual employees to work with mental health and well-being in the workplace.
Articles and recommendations based on the latest measurement results.
Health profile and health nudging
Possibility to book an appointment with relevant expertise in the event of an identified health risk.
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Expert help in platform

Tailor-made action proposals and help from leading experts.

Focus sustainable work-life

Encourage activities that increase performance & employee health.

Unique data combo for HR

Absence & presence numbers, personal health & work-environment.

Smart content
for co-workers

Customized knowledge content based on the employee's data.

What our
customers think!

"Since we introduced Wellbefy, we have gained an increased commitment and focus around health and a sustainable working life within the company. It is an excellent digital tool that inspires our employees to more sustainable habits.
Ida Hagfalk
HR-partner, Länsförsäkringar
"Wellbefy is a good tool for creating an overview and understanding of what is important in an organization: everything from comprehensiveness and comprehensibility for the employee to measurement and tips for work with health and personal development"
Rabie Salem
CEO, Contentor